The Furry Oscar Rescue Foundation, Inc.

The Furry Oscar Rescue Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.  We are not a rescue organization, and we do not rescue pets ourselves.  We raise funds through the sale of children’s books that educate kids on pet rescue and responsible pet ownership.  100% of our net proceeds from book sales are then donated to non-profit animal rescue groups.

We also offer the books to animal rescue organizations at a discounted cost to use in their own fundraising efforts.

Additionally, we visit schools and children’s groups to read to kids and educate them about pets in a fun and positive way.

What We Do

Who We Are

Mission Statement

We support animal rescue, the humane treatment of animals, and responsible pet ownership by educating children and providing financial assistance to rescue organizations.

About Us   

The Furry Oscar Rescue Foundation was formed in 2015, after a group of friends recognized that there are many non-profit animal rescue organizations in need of additional financial assistance to continue the wonderful (and difficult) work that they do.  We also believe that by educating our children on pet rescue and responsible pet ownership, the burden placed upon these rescue groups can be reduced in the future.